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Elizabeth Warren & Adam Schiff – Lying Liars Lie

We recently talked about how Warren lied about why she was fired from her teaching job. She says it was because she was “visibly pregnant”. We now have proof that she lied. The meeting minutes from the board of education, a legal record, states that they actually renewed her position for a second year and that she put in her resignation which they “accepted with regret”. She lied – outright. When it came to her Native American scandal I was more forgiving because it is a fact that many Americans have family traditions about this. Some are right and some are wrong but proof is scant. So when she says she was told that as a child so okay. But there is no way she mistook the fact that she resigned from the position. that she was actually offered.

I get (don’t like but get) when a politician says they are going to pass such and such legislation and they don’t. That’s a lie most of the time because they usually don’t have any intention of keeping that “promise”. That kind of lying is bad enough. I’m reminded of a quote from Sojourner Truth. She was born into slavery and later escaped to become an abolitionist and activist for women’s rights. She said, “The slaveholders are terrible for promising to give you this or that, or such and such a privilege, if you will do thus and so, and when the time of fulfillment comes, and one claims the promise, they, forsooth, recollect nothing of the kind; and you are, like as not, taunted with being a liar.”

While Warren’s lies aren’t quite like Adam Schiff’s they are still bold. They can’t be mistakes, they can’t be errors, they can only be lies. She knew the truth and decided consciously to invent a story. Not only is that wrong, ethically, it’s immature in a childish way. It’s the kind of behavior we expect from a three year old for whom reality is still a concept to learned. I do not expect that from a grown woman. A grown woman of some responsibility.

Schiff’s lies are cruel lies designed to harm. Warren’s are childish lies meant to puff her up, stroke her ego, make others look at her with sympathy or awe. Both are the lies of the slave holder. Yes, you are the slave in this scenario. When you call them on their lies they gaslight you into thinking that you are the wrong one, the bad one, the cruel one.

As a nation we’ve come to accept and even expect politicians to lie. We’ve allowed it for so long through out own ignorance and laziness that they’ve gotten bold. Like a cur dog that growls at its owner the only solution to this mess is to swat them on the nose.

The Riverdale Board of Education approved a contract for a second-year teaching stint for a young Elizabeth Warren, documents show, contradicting the Democratic presidential candidate’s repeated claims that she was fired after a year because she was “visibly pregnant.”

Source: County Records Contradict Warren’s Claim She Was Fired Over Pregnancy 

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