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Do you like to kiss? If you don’t – would you know why not?

When it comes to the author’s opinion in this article my point of view is something I will admit right up front is entirely speculative. Not unfounded mind you, it’s based on experience. But I can’t say if that experience applies here or not. First off is the author’s point that kissing is overrated. As I read my opinion of the author’s opinion became “It isn’t that kissing is overrated, it’s just that the author isn’t very good at it.” They aren’t quite comfortable doing it. They write, “Every kiss that I’ve had has felt exactly like when I was trying to learn stick shift: too much to coordinate at once, with underwhelming results.” I suspect that is not because of kissing itself but because the author’s ability as a kisser, or the ability of their companions.

The author tells of the best kiss they ever had, “One of the better kisses I ever had was when I lost a game of beer pong and had to kiss a platonic friend…” the author goes on to say, “…a smooch that, I guarantee you, held no romantic feelings for either of us.” That is also something I suspect isn’t true. But certainly there was a level of being comfortable with the person. A friend. Because of that friendship the author could let the guard down and not worry about tilt of head or technique.

They go on to say, “I don’t think we have to do away with kissing entirely, we just have to step back from it as the romantic ideal.” This just after the author says she would rather give someone oral sex than kiss them. I think her idea of romance is the problem and not romance itself. I think perhaps her conclusion isn’t really based so much on what she thinks it’s based on.

Do you like to kiss? If you don’t – would you know why not?  How would you figure it out?

If you don’t like fish could you tell someone why you don’t? Would that lead you to conclude that fish is overrated?

I am left suspecting that the author’s conclusion is likely from their own discomfort with kissing rather than anything else. Sometimes people do that. They draw a broad conclusion based on something personal but don’t really take the time to dig down deep and figure out why they feel that way.

Why do I care about this? Because it’s an interesting study in human behavior. Also, if my thinking is correct then it is an example of the lies people tell themselves. If I’m wrong, that’s fine. I’ll never know but it’s something to ponder and that’s what platypus do.

A very hot take.

Source: Kissing! Is! Overrated!

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