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Democrats: Your Message isn’t the Problem But There IS a Problem

I realize that pretty much everyone and their mother has analyzed why the Democrats have been losing so badly. Notice I didn’t say lost. I wasn’t talking about just the presidential election. The Democrat party has been losing for over a decade now. They have lost in local and congressional elections to the point where many pundits no longer consider them a national party but rather a marginal one.

The Democrats are Losers

It’s so bad that state to state the democrats hold majorities in only 4 states. That’s only 4 states in which they have the governorship and legislative majorities. Those pundits saying they aren’t a national party aren’t just making it up then, it’s a legitimate statement.  People have been deciding why ad nauseum. It’s this thing or that thing they say.

I feel like everyone (except the democrats) knows why. You know why, I know why, the people winning know why but the Democrats, they just don’t understand it.

Epic Gut Check

See No Evil, Hear No Evil

The article below is an interview with what they say is the “biggest” Democrat donor. A real big money man. Of course that makes him important to them and being rich he must know what he’s talking about. The article reads, “He said he still believes most voters agree with Democratic ideals, though the party didn’t effectively convey them in November.”

In other words, “our beliefs are not the problem, our message is”.

When it comes to their own flaws Democrats certainly see no evil and hear no evil but all the while their mouths are mumbling it

Hillary Clinton

Perhaps if you don’t do well in one election you can blame the message but a party doesn’t get to the reduced level the Democrats are at just because they need better commercials. I do agree with him that their messaging is terrible. Just think about how leading democrats have spoken over the years and I think you will agree. Think about Nancy Pelosi and her now infamous, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” That is, indeed, a stupefyingly bad message.

Think about Hillary Clinton who, when faced with Benghazi accusations, shouted, “What difference – at this point, what difference does it make?” That sent a clear message. It was such a horrible message that to this day the Democrats desperately work to defend it.

Obamacare, the Iran deal, economically destructive climate policy, immigration policy, executive orders, these are all things that the Democrats have been blind to. WE, the ever mentioned THE PEOPLE expressed our concern but they would not hear it.

Yet Mr. Big Donor goes on to say, “I think there’s no doubt that we reflect the will of the people to an overwhelming extent.” No, they don’t.

They had a plan, they are the masterminds, and no matter what you or anyone else says or thinks, they know better so will continue with their plan.

We aren’t Europe and We Don’t Want to Be

The plan and policies aren’t American in nature. We are a country founded on a principle of liberty. The root of that happened so many generations ago that it has become our culture. Try as they may to erase that from the national consciousness they simply can’t. We aren’t Europe. We don’t want to be. It’s not that we hate Europe or that we look down on them, we simply have our own culture and we like it. It’s a culture that values personal liberty.

At each step the Democrats have moved ever left and with each move sought to rob Americans of the thing that is the very foundation of their culture and thus of ultimate value to them, Freedom. Yes, Democrats, that includes the freedom to fail.

How did they come to this?

You see, there’s a difference, or at least there used to be, between a Democrat and a leftist. Not too many years ago the Democrats supported hard work by supporting the men who worked hard. Something happened along the way that caused them to drift away, far away to the left. What exactly do we mean by “the left”? The meaning has certainly changed.


The terms originate from France, literally based on the seating arrangement: the aristocrats sat on the right and the commoners on the left. The desires of the aristocrats came to be known as right wing policies and the things associated with the commoners were left wing, now commonly just called right and left.

Today it is pretty clear that this has changed. The left is full of elitists, the wealthy, billionaire CEO’s, people in positions of power. They are people who really have little or nothing to do with the working class those people who during the French Revolution would have been called the “commoners”.

I’ve pondered how this change occurred and I have a theory. Really it’s been a very long time coming. Slowly bubbling and brewing since the late 1800’s. But what I believe set it off, changed it to what it is now, was Communism. It’s important to note that communism isn’t what people claim it is. Those who remember the USSR understand this. Those who pay attention to Cuba, understand this. Communism is preached as egalitarian. It’s preached as being about lifting the worker our of his fallen state and promises are made.

What really happens, what always happens, is that the leaders and elite get powerful off the backs of the workers. But all along these elite continue to claim they have the best interest of the worker at heart. Democrats, leftists, mirror this. They want to be like the helpful dictators they admire so much. Perhaps some leftists actually believe they are helping but I think most are playing a role and because they don’t actually understand the true nature of communism they are content.

The Democrats, like the communists, took the language and struggle of the worker to justify itself. People began to see what was once a reasonable call for equality of justice between the aristocrats and the commoners as the foundation for communism. The democrats love communism. They don’t know they do, but they do. Their policies mirror it. People see them as the party of takers and looters.

Then again

But, I will admit that maybe it all boils down to this: people hate being told what to do and the leftists do an awful lot of telling. They seem to know just what kind of people we should all be and they are willing to force us to behave. People all over hate being treated this way but Americans especially and leftists just love to tell people what to do.

Tom Steyer spent $87 million on the 2016 elections, and all he got was a Trump administration full of nominees he opposes.

Source: Biggest Dem donor thinks party needs new message | TheHill

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