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Democrats Mad That Trump Hasn’t Built the Wall

I am in favor of borders. I don’t think a nation is a nation without them. I also don’t think a culture can survive without them. Borders need to be protected. Due to the unique organization of the United States we cannot protect them with an army. That is the obvious thing to do for most nations. Canada, for example, recently deployed troops to their border to keep illegal immigrants from entering. Since the United States is now following instead of ignoring our existing immigration laws many illegal aliens are leaving the US. This is sometimes referred to as “self deportation”. Canada doesn’t appreciate this very much.

Seeing as each state is a separate country and that the US doesn’t want a standing army within its own borders we have different ways to watch the border, namely our Border Patrol. They have, at least for the last eight years, been pawns unable to do the job they signed on for. Though they now have new direction it is going to be a while before they can regroup and in the end they will never be enough. That is why I support, not only borders, but walls on our borders. Walls with a gate to be sure and a border with a liberal immigration policy, but a policy and a gate nonetheless.

Democrats Bash Trump for Not Building Wall

The Democrats are strongly against a border wall, though I can’t for the life of me understand why. They rage at trump for saying he’s going to build it. But now, they are raging against Trump because he hasn’t built it. They should be pleased but instead they are denigrating him for breaking his campaign promise. Thing is, he hasn’t broken the promise. The wall is being built. Right now it is in the planning stage with several sample walls being constructed as we speak to test out what kind will be best. As for Mexico paying for it, well, they will. Perhaps not, as many think, in cash, but most certainly in one way or the other. Two thirds of the Mexican economy flows over the border from the US to Mexico in the form of Cash transfers. America also gives Mexico foreign aid. Stopping either of those things is an effective way of making Mexico pay for the wall.

Of course it’s obvious what the Democrats are really up to. They are simply trying to turn Trump’s base against him by pointing out his flaws and broken promises. I predict though that this attempt on their part will fall into the category of unintended consequences. What will happen most certainly is that Trump’s supporters will likely ignore all this because it comes from the Democrats. His supporters, left to their own thinking would have become angry at delay or broken promises but coming from the Democrats they are sure to ignore it.

The Democratic National Committee on Tuesday morning sent an email with the subject “Trump’s Empty Promises on Border Wall.”

Source: DNC Slams Trump’s ‘Empty Promises on Border Wall’

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