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Daily Wire Writes About Incest While Practicing Its Own Kind of Incest

I must admit I’m getting a little tired of the The Daily Wire and am considering removing it from my news feed. The Daily Wire is one of the most biased news sources out there. So much of what I read there is poorly thought out, often poorly written, and most certainly intellectually vapid. Not all of course, but in ever increasing frequency.

That I happen to agree with them on various issues doesn’t change that fact. I suppose if one wants to sell one’s soul, red meat to the crowd is the way to do that. The below linked article is an example of this. The article references an article in Cosmo about a woman who didn’t know she had a brother. 40 years on she found out and met him. They were attracted to each other and had sex.

The Daily Wire article starts out with this, “If you think Cosmo couldn’t top its already off-the-charts insanity, then brace yourself, because things are going to get really gross . . . even by Cosmo standards.” I don’t read Cosmo so I must confess i don’t know their standards.

The author later states, “Cosmo gives no moral objection to this depraved behavior and even passes it off with a scientific term called “genetic sexual attraction.”” Well, okay? It sounds as if he’s complaining that Cosmo didn’t slant the story for the reader. Or perhaps he thinks that by not outright condemning the actions Cosmo is supporting them. Or maybe Cosmo was just telling a story? Also, they are right, this is a thing. The taboo is more cultural, and religious, than anything else.

He concludes his article with, “The only negative mention from Cosmo in an otherwise sympathetic portrayal of Melissa and her brother Brian is that it’s bad for the passing on of genes. Indeed, inbreeding dramatically increases the likelihood that the offspring will have severe abnormalities.” Which, interestingly enough, isn’t actually true in the short-term. Over time, yes, it does cause an increase, however, in a one-off relationship it’s not accurate to use the word “dramatically” (unless of course, you are trying to be dramatic). I think that they chose a threesome of young people as their cover photo when the story in question is about people over 40 is evidence enough they are indeed trying to be dramatic. We know that with most autosomal recessive disorders it takes generations to manifest and the production is random even then with some offspring developing the trait and others not. So, not dramatic after all.

I know certain topics I write about are more likely to get people’s attention. If I wanted to I could write more frequently about them. I could center my page around a certain kind of story. But then I would only be attracting a certain kind of person. My page isn’t to make me rich or famous. It’s about ideas. It’s about finding people willing to actually think about things and discuss what they think openly. I can only have that if the people who visit feel comfortable sharing ideas that may or may not be popular. To me what the Daily Wire does is manipulate its audience and that’s just not what I’m about.

I suppose one reason this topic doesn’t get me hot under the color is because I’ve never really thought much about it. I have more of a “no thank you” attitude toward it. Meaning it’s not something that has ever crossed my mind. However, we do know based on research, that it has crossed the minds of millions upon millions of people. Millions more act on it these impulses. Most as children who “grow out of it”. According to most of the world’s religions they’ve done something wrong. According to developmental psychology they’ve done something quite common and some argue quite normal but in all cases certainly, scientifically, unsurprising. Using my own morality I too condemn incest. It’s not healthy mentally and has risks genetically, and creates tension socially and familiarly.

However, I feel I should be able to write about a subject like this dispassionately because it is not a moral absolute. If someone were trying to write an article about how theft should always be legal because if someone couldn’t hold on to their property they didn’t deserve to have it, then I might get excited about that. But issues like this are for churches. I do believe there are universal and objective moral truths – the agency of the individual being one. I also have my own personal moral beliefs. I’ve tested them well enough to know they are sound. I am arrogant enough to think that others would do well to follow them. I’m also wise enough to know they won’t.

So when I read a story like the one below – and I seem to find it time and time again – I begin to suspect the source.


Just a little over a week after it said white girls were forbidden to wear Princess Moana costumes for Halloween, Cosmo managed to out-ridiculous itself by normalizing incest.

Source: LOVE WINS: Cosmo Pushes Incest | Daily Wire

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