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Columbia Football Keeps Winning. Some Fans Aren’t Happy About It 

Toxic masculinity is toxic bias. That a man can’t be tough, athletic, and smart is a fallacy. It’s a bias. Columbia it seems has always had a rather terrible football team. Students at Columbia took pride in this. To them it mean that their school wasn’t about athletics, it was about academics.

Recently the team has been doing rather well and this has some students at Columbia upset. Because of course, in their mind, you can’t be good at athletics and academics. That’s just not possible. Jocks, you see, are dumb.

This explains a lot about why the left is slowly wiping football off the map. It’s represents men, being men. It represents men doing something that academics on the left don’t think they can do.

Or perhaps that they don’t want to do because they’re just too smart for football. This ignores the football players with PhD’s and Masters degrees. Or perhaps those at Columbia don’t think they earned their degrees but rather were just handed them because they could play football? How unfair! Masculinity isn’t toxic. Leftism, on the other hand, is.

YOU can’t be YOU under leftism.

You have to be who they want you to be. Remember, this is the same group that celebrates diversity by saying we’re all the same. It celebrates gender by saying it’s fluid, can be anything it wants, and is interchangeable. This is the group that condemns being rich or being poor, we must all be the same. Sameness, sad and sick sameness is the goal of leftism. That’s not what built America. If you really are interested in “making America great again” then be an individual. Be you. But more importantly, stop trying to make others be you. Let them be them.

When you are waging a war, such as the war on masculinity, you have to take out your enemy where he is strong. You must make your enemy weak. With so-called men signing up for classes on how to shed their “toxic masculinity” and some men transitioning into women, it seems many are just surrendering.

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Source: Columbia Football Keeps Winning. Some Fans Aren’t Happy About It. – The New York Times

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