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CNN’s Don Lemon and reporter’s moment of body positivity

A reporter was covering hurricane Irma and she wanted to describe just how powerful the wind was and what it felt like to be in it. That’s good television you know. It’s like on a cooking show, the audience can’t taste or smell the wonderful confection so the host has to describe it all as best they can. Well, sitting comfy at home we can’t feel the wind so she wanted to convey the absolute power of it to her audience.

“And this wind — I am not a small woman, as you know, Don. I am a chunky girl, and it is blowing me around when the gusts come really, really hard.”

She’s saying that it’s not because she’s small but rather because the wind is very strong that she’s blowing about out there. Clearly she wasn’t referring to herself as chunky in a self-deprecating or lack of self-esteem manner.

Don Lemon, CNN host extraordinaire went into full PC mode when he heard this. He had to let it be known that her body was not to be shamed. The article continues by saying, “Lemon, who is openly gay, responded with a smile, saying…”

Well, let’s stop a moment before we get to what he said. I find it interesting that the article has to point out that Lemon is gay. They have to make sure the reader knows that what follows isn’t meant sexually or as a pick up line of any sort. No no, Lemon isn’t a “regular” predatory man. It’s okay if he talks about a woman’s body. And that he does when he says, “You’re a beautiful woman no matter what size you are. There’s nothing wrong with having a little curve.”

Which I think is one of the least PC things he could have said! His Twitter fans, says the article, “…called him a ‘class act’.” He seems nice enough, but to me this was unprofessional and totally uncalled for. But that’s one of the problems with political correctness – its subjective nature leaves leftists tripping over their own good intentions.

A heartwarming moment played out on CNN during Hurricane Irma coverage, when a reporter described herself as ‘chunky’.

Source: CNN’s Don Lemon and reporter’s moment of body positivity | Daily Mail Online

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