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“Climate Change” is Back-Door Socialism

The idea of artificially pulling Co2 from the atmosphere scares me. It does for a couple of reasons. First, we simply don’t comprehend the balance of the Earth. Regardless of what computer models might have people believe we cannot predict. There are far too many variables for that. Forests thrive under high Co2. So-called global warming has been great for plant life and thus for herbivores and the predators that consume them. I can see us pulling too much out not even knowing we’re pulling too much out. I can also see that we can’t predict cosmic events. Right now the sun is quiet. It’s been quiet longer than scientists predicted. Imagine a time where we’ve pulled Co2 and the sun goes even quieter. Imagine a disaster that causes the bottled up Co2, contained in massive amounts in central areas, to burst forth all at once.

I use the word “imagine” a lot above because the entire thing is in the realm of imagination. Not just the what-ifs I’ve mentioned, but the what-ifs of global warming itself. In all this we’re talking about scenarios and computer models. I’m telling you now, global warming (meaning man caused) isn’t real. It’s a means to control people. To control what they do, what the freedoms they have to move about, and if you read far enough down the linked article it’s even designed to control people’s body. “Scenario based on SSP1, projecting low population growth.” Population growth can be curbed most effectively through access to family planning and education of girls (which, notably, have many other benefits as well).”

The author says of the “real” solutions to combat global warming, “Obviously these strategies face all kinds of social and economic barriers.” Yes, they would. That’s because they devastate economies and reduce freedom while centralizing power in the hands of government regulators and bureaucrats. Global warming is back-door socialism designed, as socialism always is, to “save” us all from ourselves. As always some people bite the bait and get hooked. Like a hooked fish they find life on land isn’t exactly wonderful.

New scenarios show how to hit the most stringent Paris targets.

Source: What genuine, no-bullshit ambition on climate change would look like

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