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CIA chief warns Trump on Iran Folly

My first though when I read the below article is that the Iran deal should never have existed in the first place. It is one example of Obama’s overreach of presidential authority. Authority which the Democrats are now very sorry they allowed to happen. They worshiped Obama and seemed to consider him to be a president that could do no wrong so they let him do whatever he wanted without complaint.

The Iran deal is a treaty and should have been processed by the senate as such.

The Constitution provides that the president “shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two-thirds of the Senators present concur” (Article II, section 2).

Google “is the iran deal a treaty” and what comes up is a list of media stories working hard to explain how it’s not a treaty but just a deal. Even Slate, that most progressive of sources wrote, “The Iran Deal Sets a Dangerous Precedent for Expanded Executive Power”.  The Democrats will pay for that with fear and worry alone now that Trump will be president. Slate concluded, “…this new category of agreement, which seems to have more political and legal authority than one the president negotiates alone, stacks the deck heavily in the White House’s favor. It seems likely that future administrations, faced with agreements on major issues of war and peace, will seek to replicate the model.”

All this to day that I don’t give a rat’s rear end that the CIA chief thinks getting rid of it is a bad idea. The whole agreement was a bad idea. We paid terrorists, we supported a tyranical government, and we paved the way for them to process nuclear material making it easier for them to create a nuclear weapon. And all the while I, like so many, ask: why? Why was it important for Obama to make this deal? America, the region in fact, didn’t need this deal. What it accomplished was giving Iran and Russia a stronger foothold in the middle east and America a weaker one. That’s understandable if one is a progressive who sees the middle east as being about nothing more than oil and Israel.

CIA chief John Brennan warns Donald Trump that ending the Iran nuclear deal would be “disastrous”.

Source: CIA chief warns Trump: Scrapping Iran deal ‘height of folly’ – BBC News

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