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Christians Are Outraged Over Jennifer Lawrence’s Heretical New Movie

Just as I can’t comprehend how someone can be “outraged” over a salute, I cannot conceive of gathering that depth of emotion over a movie either. Note that I specify outrage as the thing I don’t understand. Anger, frustration, sadness, and other emotions are within the scope of what I consider reasonable reactions but I reserve outrage for only a few acts and really movies and YouTube videos don’t fall into those categories. I do think that part of this is because people don’t understand just what that word means and they misuse it. They toss it around thinking that it gives their point of view a greater foundation of truth. It doesn’t. To me being outraged over a movie just means you have a loose emotional control. Get a grip man! Or don’t know what the word means. Emotions being what they are though, perhaps someone is really outraged. I’d be exhausted. Worn out. Tired to the bone. If I had to run around being outraged at all the things people are outraged about. I get outraged at liberty being taken away, so yes, I use that word to describe my emotional state sometimes, but I reserve it for an actual violence or robbery

Why does this matter at all? Because ideas matter and being able to talk about ideas often matters more than the ideas themselves. We can look back in history and see that the inability to discuss contrary ideas isn’t new. Millions of people have been killed, tortured, and enslaved, over the inability to talk about contrary ideas. Then eventually we reached a point of time we call The Enlightenment. This is defined pretty well thus, “European intellectual movement of the late 17th and 18th centuries emphasizing reason and individualism rather than tradition. It was heavily influenced by 17th-century philosophers such as Descartes, Locke, and Newton, and its prominent exponents include Kant, Goethe, Voltaire, Rousseau, and Adam Smith.” Even if you haven’t read them deeply I bet there are a few names that sound familiar in that list and I’m even more sure you have been influenced by their thinking if you live in America. The Founding Fathers were Children of the Enlightenment.

Now, what of this movie?

This isn’t my kind of movie so I don’t plan on seeing it. I like to be entertained when I go to the movies. I don’t find enjoyment in fear or dark emotions. Occasionally, but not often, I will see a more dramatic movie but I rather lighter fare. The movie is, at its core, a horror movie. Some who have seen it found it to be too much to watch, or too difficult to really wrap their heads around. That’s understandable since the director says the movie is an allegory.

“Lawrence’s character is mother earth, her husband is God, and the first two visitors are Adam and Eve. As the house fills with more people—just as earth filled with more people—the guests destroy the house. In Aronofsky’s conception, God stands by and lets the earth be destroyed.

Aronofsky calls the movie a “cautionary tale” about how we treat the earth.”

Quite frankly, I think this is brilliant. Even though this movie isn’t my cup of tea I appreciate what the director is trying to accomplish with it. We (me anyway) complain about Hollywood not putting out anything original, or intelligent. Here we have something that is both and people are outraged because they don’t agree with it. THAT is why Hollywood doesn’t put out anything original or intelligent. THAT is why our society is slowly being dumbed down. It’s to pacify. Hollywood is a business and they want to make money. If people complain and boycott every time they try something new and original, then they will stop trying things new and original.

I read a lot of books and many of them explore concepts of ethics, morality, and human nature that I don’t agree with. For me, picking apart the flaws in the author’s argumentation helps me to explore my own ideas. Sometimes we read something and we know in our gut that it is wrong but we don’t know why. As a means to live your own life, that’s fine. One’s gut is actually pretty useful, surprisingly so, as a means to avoid danger. But that’s not enough to share ideas with others. A trusted spouse may find your gut enough, but others won’t. If you are going to say something is “wrong” you had better be able to answer the golden question that naturally follows, “why?”

Facing what you disagree with and breaking it apart is one way to do that. I am not saying wallow in counterpoint all day long. That’s not healthy either. But when they are out there, don’t be outraged by them. That is just a sign of your own weakness and inability to articulate just why the movie has it wrong.

If you aren’t a Christian, well, all this doesn’t likely matter much. Maybe you’ll see this movie as just a horror movie and get a good freak out over it. That’s fine too. Since the director has told us upfront that there’s more to it than that, you can’t really close the door on deeper meaning without willfully being ignorant though. But, ignorance always goes down easier with a bit of buttered popcorn.

What are Christians upset about, specifically?

They are outraged (there’s that word) over the depiction of God as a hands-off being who needs our love but gives us nothing in return. If you are a Christian, I want you to pause for a moment. Think. Think. Christian. Christian. Almost there. God so loved the world…ah…God DOES care! A whole lot. And that brings us to the real core of the issue, just who God is, or, in this case, goddess.

The real god of the movie isn’t God, but the goddess of Gaia known as Mother Earth. In the premise of the movie the Earth is the most important thing. Not God, not the people, the Earth. In the movie it isn’t God that makes the house, it’s Mother Earth. The character played by Jennifer Lawrence painstakingly fixes up the house and makes it just perfect. It’s her house. People come along and mess it all up bit by bit. It’s not the people she cares about, not the actual human beings, but the house that’s important.

That is an accurate allegory for modern environmentalism, which is a religion and has as its goddess the Earth.

For the God of Christianity the Earth is merely a place for the really important creation to live, mankind, his children.

If you are a Christian and you are mad at this movie you fail to recognize what a golden opportunity it provides you with to understand false religion and to explain that God cares about his Children more than he does the planet. It’s a chance for you Christians, rather than whine and cry, to teach the error made here, and made all over, that God doesn’t care. He cares. He made all this for YOU and sent his son to take care of YOU.

To be enlightened does not mean to be non-religious. It does not mean to be non-emotional. It means to use reason to address the world. To BE reasonable one must pocket the outrage. Often, when you do this, you will see the arguments you are so angry about are false arguments or come from a place of ignorance. If ignorance, then an opportunity to – well – enlighten them.



Christians Are Outraged Over Jennifer Lawrence’s Heretical New Movie

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