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Bride Performs a Dynamic African-influenced Dance

Is this a story of a white woman stealing black culture or a bride honoring the culture of her husband? Is it a story of a man forcing his customs on his wife due to the patriarchy? Is this a story of a black man betraying all the FINE black women out there or of a black man stealing away a white woman? How you answer, what you feel, certainly says much about how you think. The answer in my opinion¬†is that the story is none of those things. She’s a dance teacher and as part of her passion for dance enjoys styles of all kinds. Though certainly the story is partly about her desire to share in her husband’s Nigerian culture it’s more about wanting to be the center of attention at her wedding and show of her skills as a dancer. That’s my opinion because it makes more sense to me than any of those other things.

When it comes to culture people like what they like. If it’s fun, meaningful, attractive, and often somewhat in common with what they already know, they enjoy it. Food is a great example of how we cross cultures. It’s not an insult to share in someone’s culture, on the contrary it’s a compliment.

British dancer and teacher Katy Hammond wed her husband Jeff in a beautiful Stafford wedding in October, where the newlyweds danced for their guests.

Source: Bride wows by performing a dynamic African-influenced dance routine | Daily Mail Online

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