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Black Lives Matter | Make this Christmas a Black Xmas

Have any of you ever doubted for one moment that black lives do matter? Did you have to be told? There are those who wonder why people are offended at the name “Black Lives Matter”. Well, it’s because it’s insulting and racist. It insults the integrity of people and singles out one race. That it is racist is made clear by the efforts of the group.

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Take this latest, a “Black Xmas”. The idea is to show your support for black lives by shopping only at black owned businesses. Certainly, a person can call this “freedom of association” but one can also call it racism. If it’s okay for a customer to decide which business to frequent is it okay for a business to decide which customers to serve? and of course the converse, which not to serve?

It seems ironic to me that by doing this they are providing all those who had “whites only” bathrooms, drinking fountains, and lunch counters a legitimization for those actions. There are those, of course, who say it can’t be racism because that only exists as part of a power-base structure. But they prove their own power by wielding it against white businesses and in favor of black-owned ones. They show they have intent to discriminate in favor of one race and that they have the power to do it. Even if we take their own absurd and silly definition of racism as requiring power, they fit, they are racists.

I can believe in a person’s right to associate with whom they wish and also believe that racism is wrong. That’s not a contradiction at all. We can all have thoughts and opinions on the choices other people make. We can voice those as well. What we shouldn’t be able to do is stop those people from doing it. My loathing of racism comes from different sources throughout my life. Mostly, it comes from my natural curiosity about other people and their cultures. That has led me to get to know people, talk to them, as people.

I’ve never thought, not once, that people with a different skin color were in some way inferior to me. The fact is all humans in their natural state are brown. So what people are arguing about is that one shade of brown somehow makes the person with it better, superior, to the other. “You have more brown, so you’re not as good as me.” Sounds very stupid to me when said that way. “You have a wider nose, so you’re not as good as me.” It is arbitrary and can be done with the same level of “legitimacy” for any trait that enough people decide upon.

It does seem ironic to me that they do this at Christmas time. Jesus didn’t even care what religion a person was, let alone how they looked, or what nation they were from. He spent his time with Jew, gentile, Samaritan, and Roman. He saw them all as equal, all as valuable, because they were all his, all his Father’s, and so all brothers and sisters. It’s a better way to think of people to be sure than how much brown they have.

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