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Bias Has No Place In Justice – This Juror Should Have Been Replaced

It seems that supporting the police is now a terrible thing to do. I got this reply to one of my comments on a Facebook page. It drips with condescension and loathing and for what? Because I wrote two articles on two cases where the police were accused and the evidence showed they weren’t guilty.

Says the little pro-cop page.

Many, if not most, of the cases put forward and examined in the light of Black Lives Matter have turned out to be non-cases as it were. Once the evidence was examined things like “hands up don’t shoot” were proved to be lies. Cases like “he just had a book in his hand” turned out to be a lie.

But I Don’t Blindly Support the Police

Take the Walter Scott murder case for example. I call it a murder case, rather than a police involved shooting, because based on all the evidence, which is plenty including video and audio as well as testimony, show that there was intent to kill and no threat to the officer. We see him shoot a fleeing man, we hear him say the man grabbed his tazer, then we see the officer move the tazer from where it fell over to Scott’s body. We hear testimony that he performed CPR but we see no evidence of this on the video.

It’s frustrating to see that one person on the jury was unable to see what was so clear. Being biased in favor of police officers is just as bad as being biased against them. The evidence of a crime isn’t about emotion, it isn’t about an outcome you want to happen.

One of the greatest historical examples of this is John Adams defending the British troops from the Boston Massacre. All public sentiment was against them amid a frenzy of emotion and anger not only toward the soldiers themselves but toward the British government whom they represented. Adams showed an extraordinary amount of bravery in taking the case but more than that he showed the absolute reverence men should hold justice. A man on a jury who hears the evidence, that evidence being clear, and decides for some other reason to find guilty or to acquit has performed an evil act.

Now, granted, I was not on that jury, I did not hear all the testimony in the Scott case. My opinion is just that, an opinion and I leave open the possibility that the other 11 people on the jury were the biased ones. However, basing my mind solely on the video we’ve all seen I find it of the least probability imaginable that this is the fact. Rather I think that this officer should be convicted of murder. We can not have our cake and eat it too when it comes to justice. I will defend the police when the evidence dictates it but I will not support them when it doesn’t just because they wear a badge and do a difficult job.

Dorsey Montgomery II, the jury foreman from the trial involving the fatal shooting of Walter Scott, speaks out after the case ended in mistrial.

Source: Walter Scott shooting: Jury foreman explains how Michael Slager case resulted in mistrial – TODAY.com

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