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Ben Affleck Likes Women and Other News From Hollywood

I had to kind of laugh a little at the description on the below video, a short, sweet, and inaccurate, “Everything you know about Affleck is wrong”.

If anyone didn’t know he liked women (a lot)  they have been living under a rock. What I see in this is two normal people acting normal.

I’m not saying one should consider this appropriate, or good, or moral behavior. We all have our own sense of propriety. Using my own moral compass I would not behave this way. Of course, as a platypus women are always attracted to us and we have to develop a strong sense of self-control just to get through the day. Mr. Affleck clearly has not taken the time to develop that. But perhaps he doesn’t want to.

What I’m saying is, if you find this behavior morally wrong then you are right as far as you are concerned. You can spew and sputter about it, shake your head and lament the state of things. You can be sure that Miss Elizabeth Bennet would never have allowed such a thing in her parlor. While this may be a sign of how bad manners exist, how Affleck is a cad, I’m not sure it really means much more than that.

Taken outside of my own moral context I actually find this kind of refreshing.

I mean to say that it is nice to see a man and a woman acting like a man and a woman. While I can certainly understand how some may find this immoral, wrong, naughty, or some other thing based on their up-bringing or religion, setting all that aside I see a normal man and a normal woman doing what normal men and normal women do.

A little oolala.

Based on the conversation they have between come-on’s they clearly know each other, have a history, have spent time together and are comfortable with each other. She’s not being molested or anything. It seems clear to me anyway that she likes this attention. At one point he says something and she hits him for it. As far as he’s concerned (and a lot of men for that matter) that’s a huge success.

This video has been all over the Internet, posted as an example of Affleck’s great hypocrisy. I’m sure on many things he is, but I don’t see this as being the same as what Weinstein is accused of, or what Bill Clinton, or Bill Cosby have been accused of. I can say that without condoning the behavior, but he and she are grown ups so it’s not really for me to condemn or condone. All this really does is take attention away from Weinstein. Maybe that’s why this was released. Perhaps Ben is taking one for the team and this is Hollywood’s way of circling the wagons around one of their own. Maybe this is just a distraction.

As I have said, in terms of the individuals involved in this all, I don’t care about them. I’m just very fascinated at the explosion of human behavior this has all caused on both the right and the left. This is one of those events where I like to sit back and soak it all in and see what I can learn about human interactions.

Sex, is still very taboo in America despite the changes that have taken place in the way of Free Love, feminism, and the spread of pornography. Your average American is both interested and repulsed by the kind of behavior shown in this video. I’m sure many people see it as something that should be private, not public, not in front of a camera but in private they most likely would love to be one or the other of these two engaged in a playful ritual that has been carried out since Eve offered Adam the first taste of the forbidden fruit.

Do you see anything in the video that you think is not consensual?

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