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At What Point Does Breastfeeding Become Child Molestation?

At what point does breastfeeding become child molestation? It’s an honest question. Breastfeeding seems to be all the rage, a flag of rebellion popped out of a shirt for all to see. Women chanting how natural it is and how men who see it as sexual are horrible and people who are uncomfortable with a woman’s breast have some problem. Somehow the cultural sexualization of the breast and the general discomfort with seeing otherwise private body parts is seen by these militant feeders as a belief that breastfeeding isn’t natural. Of course it is, no one is disputing that nor is there anyone saying women shouldn’t do it. Even in public with a discreet blanket covering child and breast. For many that’s just polite to others.

Let’s be honest about this, there are lots of things that are perfectly natural that we don’t want done completely in the open. Even in a bathroom there are stalls and dividers between urinals and an unwritten code of bathroom conduct and etiquette.

The cult of breastfeeding has gotten so bad that some mothers breastfeed their babies until they are better referred to as children. This is long after their nutritional needs have changed. At this point, I argue, the breastfeeding is no longer for the child, it’s for the mother. As such it represents an unhealthy behavior psychologically. The counter is that it’s a bonding experience that provides comfort to both mother and child. At what point does that perspective become totally irrelevant? The child no longer needs the breast to survive. A slightly overweight father’s warm breast, therefore, would suffice to provide the same level of comfort and security. Why should dad’s miss out on this terrific bonding experience?

The question in the title of this article should help us understand that though breastfeeding is a natural thing that it isn’t always natural. As a society we get to set limits on behavior. Not limits that toss people in jail, but traditional limits of societal pressures that make those who veer outside the norm feel uncomfortable enough to head back in. There is nothing about being a free society that says we can’t have mores and norms that we desire others to adhere to. Those on the right might want to make a law to prevent this and the left make a law to allow it but to me no law need to exist on the books, just the unwritten cultural code that also keeps men from chatting at the urinal.

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Source: Mother, 47, who still breastfeeds her five year old triplets reveals she’s ‘tired’ of doing it but won’t stop until THEY want her to | Daily Mail Online

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