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Are you ready for some football? Neither are the players.

One more note on the NFL. Everywhere I go I see comments and articles on the protests and Trump’s comments on it. They have a right to protest and he has a right to say it’s stupid. What no one has a right to do, of course, is pass a law that forces someone to stand, sing, or show respect. This is true not just of the flag, but of anything or anyone. The market can decide, as I stated in my previous post, what will be done about such protests. But anyone who proposes a law lacks the most basic understanding about liberty.

Personally, I think their protests are poorly thought out and aim at the wrong target. That is why they are going over so poorly. It’s much the same as Black Lives Matter. By picking the flag and anthem they turn people off from their message, but saying that Black Lives Matter they turn people off because they think they mean more they get upset because no one ever said they didn’t. Either way, the message gets lost in the messaging.

Though they say they are taking a knee against racial oppression they are really taking a knee against the United States of America. Kaepernick said that he was, “not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” Successful black people like him, like Obama, like so many others that you know we could name and name and name, seem to thin that they are the exception not the rule.

They don’t seem to notice that they are doing better than the vast majority of people in the country, white or black. They don’t take the time to look around them and see just what this country has done for them and they ignore how well they’ve taken advantage of that offer. What’s more, the vast majority of people now have one simple reply to people like Kaepernick, “Obama. Now shut up.” In a country that oppresses blacks it seems a bit odd that a black man would become the leader of that country.

All around him the contradiction to his claims exists. This country is the best place for black people to be. Any racism isn’t systemic in the United States as a country but exists in the individuals. Meaning, a police force isn’t a racist institution just because there are racist cops. It isn’t “the police” that is the problem but rather, “those police”.

Racism is stupid. I’ve said it time and time again that it’s the worst kind of collectivist crap where someone tries to feel superior, not because they earned it, but because they were born with a certain racial characteristic. That said, using race in the way Kaepernick is, or Al Sharpton, or others of that same ilk use it, is equally as bad. One side uses as a magnifying glass to make larger their own selves and the other uses race like a club to beat them down with.

More NFL players, owners and celebrities are taking part in the protest against racial injustice led by Colin Kaepernick after a series of inflammatory Trump tweets over the weekend.

Source: Here’s Who Is Taking A Knee Today In Solidarity With NFL Protestors – Digg

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