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Polar Ice: So Thick & Icy!

I’m a skeptic. So much so that I’m a skeptic of skeptics who are being skeptical. . I appreciate the scientific method which allows us to really look at things objectively. Part of that means being skeptical about the evidence. Especially that evidence that fits too neatly or seems to good to be true. Because of that I also look at the evidence presented by skeptics with the same level of skepticism. Many of them clearly have an agenda. However, I’ve found the more open they are about that agenda the more they tend to present the facts well. I must admit the blog that inspired this article is very open about their agenda, however, they do not present the facts well. That doesn’t mean that I can’t glean some useful knowledge from them or that they are wrong. It just means I have to have an open and inquisitive mind and think about what they are saying rather than just taking their narrative.

How thick was it? 2 meters thick!

Two Meters Thick in 1940

The blog I link to below is a site dedicated to smashing the science of man made global warming. Because it has a clear agenda and doesn’t really handle the evidence well,  my skeptic’s radar is on high alert. Lately I’ve noticed they have been including copies of old news articles with their posts. These are fascinating to me because they are a snap shot in time, a look into what people were thinking and concerned about 77 years ago. While for most people the thing that pops out from these snippets is how they wondered if it is getting warmer at the north pole way back in 1940! I’m sure they read this and say, “See!” as if the whole global warming thing was going on then too. I’m sure the Church of Climatology will shout with glee at this, but then there’s the little bit of information in the old article that concerns the ice: in 1940 they list it as being about 2 meters thick.

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Two Meters Thick in 1958

The blog goes on to show that in 1958 another report was given that the ice was 2 meters thick. It links to a New York Times article by then reporter Walter Sullivan that begins (Not joking):

THUS did Jehovah, in a whirlwind, remind Job of the wonders of creation. In the Arctic of today the frozen face of the deep is changing and man seeks a scientific explanation for its growth and shrinkage.

Think about that sentence for a moment. That’s from 1958. They are quoting scripture! But of course the ice was just as thick in 1958 as it had been 18 years before in 1940. But he still feels the need to invoke God to back his “journalism”.

Two Meters Thick Today

NASA (and others) report that the ice is still 2 meters thick, yet, in what continues to be a great deal of breathless hyperbole, this time in US News we read:

“The Arctic is broken,” Paul Huttner, who is the chief meteorologist for Minnesota Public Radio, wrote on his MPR blog in an attempt to explain why temperatures all across North America were as much as 20 degrees higher than normal for this time of year.

To begin with, using the word “broken” for a climate is utterly non-scientific. He’s assuming that the state of the arctic today is exactly what it “should” be and that any change represents it breaking. Climate can’t break, it can only exist. It is what it is.

The article goes on to explain:

“Scientists have several possible explanations for what’s happening in the Arctic, ranging from the after-effects of El Nino, to the way in which heat escaping from the Arctic Ocean is still lingering in the atmosphere. What’s happening in the Arctic this year could be a pattern, or simply an outlier. We may never see extreme temperatures like this again in that part of the world – or we may start to see them quite often.”

So what’s going on is…we don’t know…maybe nothing.

Going back to 1940 and seeing 2 meters then and 2 meters now it seems likely that it’s nothing. But the author of the US News piece goes on to site a study which examines what might happen if the ice melts.

“Their findings should scare us – all of us, on any side of the political divide.”

Climates Change – Meh

And that always seems to be the conclusion drawn, that we have to be afraid and do something. We don’t know what’s going on, what’s causing what we don’t know, but we do know it’s going to be bad, really really bad. It doesn’t matter your politics, it’s going to affect you so let’s hold hands, hug it out, and give the cash and power to the masterminds to fix whatever it is that might be happening and which could destroy us all.

If the climate changes, he shouts in ink, people’s lives may change. But the climate always changes. There’s no way to stop the climate in its tracks. I guess Mr. Breathless forgot how well people adapt. How we adapted to the last Ice Age, how we adapted to the warming that happened after it. We will adapt again.

They seem to forget this has all happened before.

In 1940, Arctic sea ice was two meters thick. 23 Feb 1940 – THE NORTH POLE Arctic sea ice is now two meters thick. DMI Modelled ice thickness All of the official fake news agencies and fake government agencies have…

Source: Arctic Sea Ice The Same Thickness As 1940 | The Deplorable Climate Science Blog

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