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A Few Words on the Current Tax Bill

Just a note on the current tax bill weaving its way through Congress. It doesn’t actually cut taxes. All it does is shuffle the money around so some people pay less. They call that a tax cut. A tax cut is when the government itself receives less money from the people. In this bill they end up getting the same amount by taking more from some people and less from others. Though that is great for the people on the keeping end of their own money it’s not so great for the others, nor is it great for our system of government.
The government is never asked to do with less. That’s a real tax cut. Does that require the government to shrink? You bet it does! And when government shrinks someone no longer gets their perquisite. Because Congress doesn’t have the will power to do that they play a shell game instead. We aren’t getting a real tax cut which means they aren’t solving anything.
Tax Reform Cartoon
Nate Beeler / Columbus Dispatch
We don’t need to pay for tax cuts. They aren’t a product to be purchased. The government just needs to do less and make do with less. People who think that government should pay should be told no. A program that doesn’t benefit everyone directly is a program that shouldn’t exist. When I pay my tax money I get to use the roads I pay for, I get to be defended by the military I pay for, and I…well…there aren’t that many things that actually qualify as direct benefit. Most things the government does don’t have a direct benefit. I don’t directly benefit from your child’s education. I don’t directly benefit from your food stamps, I don’t directly benefit from the National Endowment for the Arts. Any benefit I might receive is mystical. It cannot be quantified or measured in any way.
It’s time to smash taxes, simplify the code, get rid of the income tax, and let the gears of our economy grease themselves or grind to a halt on their own. It’s time that people understand that there is no such thing as free when it comes to government. I read a comment the other day about how such and such countries had free education and free healthcare. I replied that no country on earth has those things. Of course the poster didn’t quite get my drift so I had to explain that they weren’t free. You, your friends, your parents, your neighbors, your little old grandmother, all pay for those things, they aren’t free. That so-called free education is paid for for the rest of your lifetime far exceeding its actual value in costs. But because the individual didn’t fork out the money upfront they think it is free. What a joke that is! And perhaps they actually believe it, or more likely they don’t care because the benefit is to them. In that regard the leftists are the most selfish people on the planet. They are willing to take from everyone else as long as they get something out of it. They point the finger and accuse corporations of being greedy, but who is really the more greedy? 
All of their greed is paid for with other people’s money. In that sense theirs is the greater sin. At least a corporation seeks to keep more of its own money, the money it has earned. Leftists seek to take more of your money and call it righteousness. It’s time that those of us who support (and understand) tax cuts, real tax cuts, honest to goodness tax cuts, point our finger back at the left and let them know we’re onto their scam and that we know they are just benefiting like parasites from everyone else.
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