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Collins v Virginia Supreme Court Case Important Protection for 4th Amendment

curtilage chart
I like to share the text of the 4th Amendment whenever I get the chance. It serves as a reminder of the limitations of government and the right of the people in relation to their property. It reads simply: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue,...
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Pewdiepie Is Teaching His Audience that Women Are Asking For It

The headline says that Pewdiepie is teaching his audience that "women are asking for it". Asking for what? To be ogled by men. In case you don't know the story Pewdiepie is the screen name for a vlogger named Felix Kjellberg. He is one of the most subscribed to personalities on YouTube with 63 million subscribers. In one of his recent videos he videoed himself using eye tracking software which qui...
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Trump signs ‘right to try’ drug bill – Might Save Lives Might Take Them

Spoon full of pills
I wanted to mention something that Congress and Trump did right. Anytime a bill is signed by the president it has to first be passed by both houses of congress. Any bill, therefore, is either a collective pat on the back or a collective kick in the crotch for all involved. In my opinion this one is a collective pat. "On Wednesday, President Trump signed the "right-to-try” bill, which now permits t...
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How the Media Helped Create Extremism

Loudspeaker of the left
I find it so very interesting that people seem so worried about the far right (as they most certainly should be) but seem to ignore the far left (which is equally as dangerous). I agree that the media has helped amplify the far right, the alt-right, and their kind. The media loves to focus on them. But at the same time they have not just amplified but propagated the far left. The media is the prop...
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Is it Charity or “Philanthrocapitalism”? – Libertarians Beware. 

Billionaire giving lots of money away
This article is one reason we have such an uphill battle when trying to reduce government. Libertarians especially are big on saying that things should be done, and could be done, voluntarily and if the rich want to increase taxes to help the poor then they should just give away their money and do it already! I agree. I think the government should do much less than it does (almost nothing) and tha...
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Being Anti-War

Afghans recent returnees live in the ruins of a bombed out building with no running water or access to health care in central Kabul, Afghanistan August 3, 2002. (Photo by Ami Vitale)
War is not romantic. I know what death looks like. Thankfully, most people in American don't. They haven't seen someone's brains outside of their head. They haven't seen a rotting corpse. They haven't seen a severed leg. They haven't seen bone protruding from flesh. They haven't seen blood spattered walls. And most thankfully they haven't seen a dead child. I don't want them to see these thing...
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Do you like to kiss? If you don’t – would you know why not?

Kissing Couple
When it comes to the author's opinion in this article my point of view is something I will admit right up front is entirely speculative. Not unfounded mind you, it's based on experience. But I can't say if that experience applies here or not. First off is the author's point that kissing is overrated. As I read my opinion of the author's opinion became "It isn't that kissing is overrated, it's just...
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Is Jordan Peterson a Dangerous Man?

Jordan Peterson
I like Jordan Peterson. I listen to him frequently. I was first exposed to him years before he became famous through my studies in psychology and his book "Maps of Meaning". When I first saw the video of him in Toronto defying student protesters I thought, "oh, that's that guy" and that is why I watched. I continued to watch. His interests mirror my own and so he provided me with some interesting ...
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Climate Change: 2 Million Years of Rain

Noah's Ark during the flood with people dying
This is an interesting video on ancient climate and the changes it has undergone. It tells of a climatic scenario I actually hadn't heard about before. At one point the earth was a very dry place. Animals were lower to the ground as that is where their food was. What caused the dryness? In this case one of the main factors was the fact the earth had a single super continent. Depending on the coast...
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Sex Education, Children, & the Mind

"According to the parents, as a part of a science class – that includes a section on sex education – a teacher allegedly graphically discussed oral sex." When students said they didn't know what that was the teacher told them to look it up on Google. But, he warned, don't use a school computer, because they will track that. One kid took the teacher up on that offer and found the information on her...
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Humans need stories and stories make us human

Ancient story tellers
I don't believe this only applies to fiction. I think it applies to stories of all kinds when told a certain way. When I read John Adams by David McCullough I had an emotion reaction even though it was not a fictional account. The Monuments Men is another example of this. It's not fiction, it story. It is making that connection that is important. That's why I include a library section on this blog...
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America Needs Prison Reform for Liberty’s Sake

Trump at podium
I am one of those people that views prison as something that should be a last resort rather than a first and something that should be reserved only for those who cannot live in society. House arrest, or other restrictions can be used instead. Even though electronic tracking devices aren't foolproof I would rather have the occasional error than toss everyone in prison. There are approximately 1,330...
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Police Officers are Human Too

Sgt. Salvatore Weeping
Sometimes people forget that police officers are people with feelings, families, and just pay attention to their faults and failings. When an officer is killed in the line of duty someone just lost a friend, a father, a husband, a brother, a son. They need to be held to a high standard, and they often fail that standard, but that doesn't make them all villains. https://youtu.be/KW9oYSxlR6o
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It isn’t guns we love but what they represent

Old Guns
I agree and disagree with this general premise. The author states that our love of guns is passed down from father to son. That is true. I have a few guns that were my dad's. Two of which were his passed down to him from someone who had them passed down to them. Two of them (one still shoots one doesn't) are from the turn of the century. One, a pistol, was purchased from the Sears and Roebuck cata...
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Socialism Grows from Guilt and Fear

Baby with gold coin
1% is such a small number of people to hate after all. It should be expanded to 9.9% so that includes so many more people worthy of righteous indignation and disdain. And, conveniently, the article says, "You’re probably part of the problem." And what is the problem? This group is successful and they pass that success on to their offspring. "The meritocratic class has mastered the old trick of con...
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