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8-year-old transgender boy barred from Cub Scouts

I bring up the transgender issue a lot. It's not because I am trans-phobic, or a trans-hater. My philosophy of individual freedom means that I recognize another person's rights to direct their own life. The reason I bring it up so often because it seems the most forceful element is the one that isn't satisfied with being able to direct their own life but wants to direct yours as well. Actually, it...
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Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Fahrenheit 451 book cover
I think sometimes that this book doesn't get read seriously because it is such a well known tome, such a classic, and because it is sometimes forced on students in high school who just want to get through it. However, it's one of the best dystopian novels ever written. Bradbury had a way of exploration in imagery and language that brings the reader into the world he's created and believes it a...
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Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Brave New World cover art.
I have a fascination with dystopian novels. They explore not only the future, but also science fiction, humanity, culture, politics, and philosophical ideas. They tend to be a one stop shop for the brain. They aren't all created equally either, meaning they don't all explore the same tropes. 1984 is about an oppressed society where sex is thought of as a bad thing. But Brave New World is set in a ...
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China Will Rate Citizens on Their Social Score

Trump the Slayer
This is right out of a Brave New World. China is going to be rating people based on their "sociality" using data gathered from every electronic method available to them.  It is terrifying. Yet it's not much different than what we've been doing in the United States to ourselves. If you are a white, cis-gendered, male, you have a very low social score. If you question the science of global wa...
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Duterte Makes the Best Case for Why Drugs Should Be Legal

War on Drugs
Evil people, I believe, very seldom believe that they are evil. On the contrary they have convinced themselves that they are good. Or perhaps it's more correct to say they feel they are better. Better than anyone else. Because of this they feel entitled to behave toward other people in any way they want. We can call them sarcastically "masterminds" or "do gooders" or we can just call them t...
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We Don’t have to Kill Racism, Just Let it Die Already

Fake Hate Crime Real Arson
I often say that racism in America is dead. That, of course, is an oversimplification. It's based on the experiences this platypus has had over a lifetime among people of all races and having those relationships be positive and warm. I say this about racism because I see a difference between the existence of racists and the existence of racism as a common practice. However, when I read stories lik...
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“F*** YOU. GO TO HELL” Says Tolerant Liberal Professor to Muslim

Not a human being
Pardon the icky words in the title, they aren't mine but are required to tell the story. This professor (pictured below) went on a tantrum when she found out a Muslim voted for Donald Trump. This took place publicly on twitter and behind the scenes in direct messages between the two. Of particular note to me and the thing that sums this all up nicely is the below tweet. "I've written you of...
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Bride Performs a Dynamic African-influenced Dance

Dancing Bride and Husband
Is this a story of a white woman stealing black culture or a bride honoring the culture of her husband? Is it a story of a man forcing his customs on his wife due to the patriarchy? Is this a story of a black man betraying all the FINE black women out there or of a black man stealing away a white woman? How you answer, what you feel, certainly says much about how you think. The answer in my opinio...
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At What Point Does Breastfeeding Become Child Molestation?

Man breastfeeding baby
At what point does breastfeeding become child molestation? It's an honest question. Breastfeeding seems to be all the rage, a flag of rebellion popped out of a shirt for all to see. Women chanting how natural it is and how men who see it as sexual are horrible and people who are uncomfortable with a woman's breast have some problem. Somehow the cultural sexualization of the breast and the general ...
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Merry Xmas! Yeah…That’s Right.

Merry Nothing
I have some peeves. Things that bother me that others do. One is when people get angry based on their own ignorance. The annual dust up at Christmas time about the use of Xmas vs Christmas is one of those. Each year we're treated to the same chorus of "it takes Christ out of Christmas!" which is bothersome on several fronts. The first being that the use of Xmas dates back at least 1000 years so it...
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Love at First Byte. Will they Marry?

Love at first Byte
The story linked to at the bottom is about a woman who built a robot and she wants to get married to that robot. There are several facets related to this story. Setting aside the fact that the robot looks a bit like the woman, we must first (of course) deal with the very obvious acceptance of the "told you so" from all those people who said, "If we allow gay marriage we will have to allow it when ...
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Ivanka on a Plane Meets a Man Who is Insane Don’t do the Same

Winter Solstice Ivanka
By now you've probably heard this story and depending on your point of view thought how terrible it was or how much Ivanka deserved this. If you are in the camp that thinks she deserves this then you are a bad person. It's that simple. The woman is sitting down minding her own business, with her small children, and she's done exactly nothing to harm you. Yet you feel the need to be rude. That just...
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Tilda Swinton & Margaret Cho Demonstrate the Weakness of Diversity

ron paul that diversity maintains racism
The below article is about an email exchange between to actresses about diversity in film. Each desires as much diversity as possible. Here's the flaw in their thinking, and the one that perpetuates racism, in all their efforts to be "diverse" what they really mean is they can only relate to people who look like them. That's not diversity, that's racism in a nutshell. It might be a difficult co...
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Why Trump Won on Display

Bitter Clingers Cartoon by Ben GArison
The reasons for Trump winning the Presidency are many and range pretty widely across demographics. But I have a suspicion that of those reasons two stand supreme: painting large swaths of people with a broad brush of racism, bigotry, homophobia, Islamophobia, globophobia, agoraphobia, well...you get it. Fake news. Which is ironic since it's the left that claims they are the target of fake ...
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Will Russia’s Response to Assassination be Like America’s Was?

Just be nice!
When an American ambassador in Benghazi was murdered there was really no appreciable response from the United States. Now the Russian ambassador to Turkey was shot and killed by a man who shouted in Arabic, “We are the one who pledged allegiance to Muhammad, to wage jihad.”. It's generally expected that Russia's response will be swift and overwhelming. Putin was quoted as saying,  “There can be...
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