Reparations are Racist and Wrong – Post#508

Reparations are Racist and Wrong - Post#508
This is a tactic of the political class that we should always pay attention to. They say things that pretty well everyone can agree to but leave off the solutions they propose because they know that people won't agree on those. We aren't as divided in the country as people thing. We agree on most things. It's what to do about those things that causes contention. Let's break down a little from Whit...
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Capitalism and the “failed” business – Post#507

Capitalism and the "failed" business - Post#507
Funky electronics chain Fry’s is no more | The Seattle Times Even as a young platypus I was into electronics. I used to take things apart and solder them back in different formats. When Fry's Electronics opened up it was my Mecca. I loved going in and picking a case, a motherboard, a processor, graphics card, hard drive, etc. Putting together your own system was the way to do it. I could afford...
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Episode 63 – Ted Cruz: The Great Escape

Episode 63 - Ted Cruz: The Great Escape
Ted Cruz ran away, fled the country, skipped town. If only he would have stayed he could have melted the ice or spun the turbines with his mighty breath! From both left and right I have read stories assailing Ted Cruz. Some say he "fled" to Cancun, some that he "escaped". One even said he "abandoned" them. As if he could have taken the entire state of Texas with him! Now some squinty-eye...
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Episode 61 – Rush Limbaugh Rest in Peace

Episode 61 - Rush Limbaugh Rest in Peace
Rush Limbaugh has passed away. For those who listen to Rush Limbaugh this announcement was expected. He had lung cancer. There are many on the left raising a glass to toast his death I am sure. He was always misunderstood by his critics. They obviously didn't listen to the show but only to the sound bites they were given. I have listened to Rush Limbaugh for a while now. Long enough to k...
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The Minimum Wage is Bad. Bad I tell you! Bad.

Blog Post 506 Minimum Wage
People want to do well. It is understandable that they would want government to ensure they get a good wage. People, you and I, want others to do well. It makes sense, that those who don't need the minimum wage, might still support it for the benefit of others. The idea breaks down quickly though if one ponders it honestly. If $15 is good, why not $20 or even $50? Eventually people will tell yo...
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Episode 59 – Black History Month Racism Run Amok

Episode 59 - Black History Month Racism Run Amok
It seems no matter where I look I see people telling me to pay attention to race and skin color. They want me to watch shows from a certain skin color and even buy from certain vendors because they have a certain skin color. I have been taught my entire life that this was racism but people are acting like it isn't. They are wrong.
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Episode 58 – Unmasked Bandit – Dottie Penguin Comments

PASADENA, Calif. (KABC) -- A maskless man was denied service at a Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles - so he returned with a gun, authorities say. Looks like a fellow in Pasadena, California wanted some chicken and waffles and the store wouldn't give him any because he wasn't wearing a mask. Dottie has commentary.
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Gender Issues and the Modern Adolescent

I have spent the last week exploring Tik Tok. For those of you unfamiliar it is a short-form video platform. Mostly, those making the videos are young people or old people trying to reach a young audience. What I found was video after video of kids (meaning under 18) exploring a few basic topics that all boil down to identity. At that age identity becomes very important to youth. We all have a soc...
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Thanksgiving Proclamation – 1789

George Washington
Turkey, cranberry sauce that slides majestically out of a can, family, friends, rolls with butter stuffed into each cranny, laughter, being thankful. Thanksgiving is for all these things and more.  Thanksgiving Proclamation[New York, 3 October 1789]By the President of the United States of America. a Proclamation. Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty G...
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Student Debt Crisis – Just Pay it off Already?

Students with debt on caps
Biden has said he will cancel student debt on day one. He won't of course but there is a reason he is saying he will. Pelosi, Warren, many of the Democrats, have said this. Searching Google for Republicans who want to cancel the debt retrieves the results you would expect, a few unknown Republicans.    Maybe the student debt crisis isn't a matter of republican vs democrat, conservative vs prog...
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Edge vs Chrome – a symbol of the free market

Edge vs Chrome
When the browser battles began I stuck with Internet Explorer. I found it to be a very forging browser in term of the code I wrote. As time went on I switched wholeheartedly over to Chrome and have been using it. I try all the latest things to come out but always reject them in favor of chrome. I now use OneDrive for back up and storage and have found that most of what I need connected is now w...
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Episode 56 Long Tongue Liar – Music Video

Episode 56 Long Tongue Liar
It's hard to see a day when what is done in the darkness will be brought to the light. It's hard to see the day when the hand that throws the stone will be made known and when those that work in secret will be revealed. That can be a very frustrating wait.  You can run on for a long timeRun on for a long timeRun on for a long timeSooner or later God'll cut you downSooner or later God'll cut you ...
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Hillary Clinton was Behind it All?

Hillary with Putin looking on with a wink
The idea that Hillary was the motivating force behind the Russia hoax (yes, we know it was a hoax) has been around for a long time. Declassified information was just released that indicates that then President Obama was briefed that Hillary was the source.  The Politico covers the story by spending the first half of the article saying this information was previously rejected so that the reader ...
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