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Firemen Save Sausage Fodder from Blaze

Pink Pigs
Humans eat meat. For most they aren't even aware of the fact that this is because evolution has given them a digestive system that manages meat and a metabolism that requires it, nor are they aware of the fact that they are apex predators, arguably the most successful the planet has ever known. No, for most people meat just tastes great. Even we platypus are pleased to scarf up the living things t...
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Vegans and Vegetarians are at the Apex of Wealth and Elitism

diagram of horse meat
Horse was the other red meat. I will eat just about anything really. Liver, snails, elk, all sorts of odd and dead things from the sea that others might turn their nose up at. However, I won't eat anything at all. I do have some personal limits. I don't eat horse, or dog. This isn't because I don't think they would taste good and not exactly due to a cultural more. It's because I find these animal...
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Nikocado Avocado: Vegans are Crazy and Plants are Cruel

I really can't say if this video is sincere or for entertainment value only. However, based on the things he's saying I tend to think he is sincere. If it is for the latter reason then I must say he succeeded terrifically as far as I'm concerned for I indeed am very entertained. He speaks as if he's had an awakening after a long wrestle with himself. He's not alone. The Internet is replete with...
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