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We Don’t have to Kill Racism, Just Let it Die Already

Fake Hate Crime Real Arson
I often say that racism in America is dead. That, of course, is an oversimplification. It's based on the experiences this platypus has had over a lifetime among people of all races and having those relationships be positive and warm. I say this about racism because I see a difference between the existence of racists and the existence of racism as a common practice. However, when I read stories lik...
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“F*** YOU. GO TO HELL” Says Tolerant Liberal Professor to Muslim

Not a human being
Pardon the icky words in the title, they aren't mine but are required to tell the story. This professor (pictured below) went on a tantrum when she found out a Muslim voted for Donald Trump. This took place publicly on twitter and behind the scenes in direct messages between the two. Of particular note to me and the thing that sums this all up nicely is the below tweet. "I've written you of...
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Why Trump Won on Display

Bitter Clingers Cartoon by Ben GArison
The reasons for Trump winning the Presidency are many and range pretty widely across demographics. But I have a suspicion that of those reasons two stand supreme: painting large swaths of people with a broad brush of racism, bigotry, homophobia, Islamophobia, globophobia, agoraphobia, well...you get it. Fake news. Which is ironic since it's the left that claims they are the target of fake ...
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CIA chief warns Trump on Iran Folly

Hassan Rouhani
My first though when I read the below article is that the Iran deal should never have existed in the first place. It is one example of Obama's overreach of presidential authority. Authority which the Democrats are now very sorry they allowed to happen. They worshiped Obama and seemed to consider him to be a president that could do no wrong so they let him do whatever he wanted without complaint. ...
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Media Just Can’t Help But Show Bias. Is it Subconscious?

Is it really news when the story begins, "President-elect Donald Trump may just have done one thing right when it comes to pleasing Silicon Valley, a place where he hasn't had many friends."? The media just don't get why people think they are biased but if you look you will find this sort of wording in every story. Sometimes it starts the story so the praise that follows is lessened and other time...
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