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The key to better policing: less powerful cops

Body Cam Footage
A couple of things. First, I don't believe that the officers in the case were recreating the scene. I honestly don't think that excuse is all that believable. To me that's as believable as a three-year old with chocolate on his face swearing he didn't eat the cake. Secondly, the statement from the chief should have gone without saying. “In light of recent events, you are reminded to activate y...
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Body Slammed Sorority Girl and the Use of Force

Body Slam
The short of the story is that this 22-year-old girl (yes girl, not woman, sorry) was at a bar with her boyfriend. There was a fight. Her boyfriend got kicked out. It sounds like she didn't quite know this and went looking for him. And tried to get over to where he was. That happened to be a location she wasn't supposed to go due to the whole fight and cops and things. According to the linked a...
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“Hands Up Don’t Shoot” Was a Lie & Why That Matters

Speaking of the "Hands up Don't Shoot" mantra,  the Washington Post wrote, "This phrase became a rallying cry for Ferguson residents, who took to the streets to protest the fatal shooting of a black 18-year-old by a white police officer, Darren Wilson." (Lee, 2015) But as the article acknowledges the "Hands up Don't Shoot" mantra used by Black Lives Matter flowing out of Furgeson was a lie. It nev...
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