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Your Offense IS NOT Real and I Don’t Care

Are you being served.
When people are honestly offended I do care. I care about people and if they are upset that does matter to me. Even if their offense is something unintended I try to make it right. However, we all know that some people work really hard to be offended or they are offended at something outside of the norm. When that's the case I believe their offense is something I just don't care about. What...
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Are you ready for some football? Neither are the players.

One more note on the NFL. Everywhere I go I see comments and articles on the protests and Trump's comments on it. They have a right to protest and he has a right to say it's stupid. What no one has a right to do, of course, is pass a law that forces someone to stand, sing, or show respect. This is true not just of the flag, but of anything or anyone. The market can decide, as I stated in my previo...
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