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French Artist Lays an Egg and Calls it Art

Is this art?
Is art really subjective? The below article is about an artist who is hatching an egg. That's his art project. Often modern art has me wondering about what some people consider to be art at all. French artist Abraham Poincheval, 44, aims to become a 'human hen' by sitting and laying on the eggs inside a glass vitrine at a Paris modern art museum until the chicks emerge. Source: French a...
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The Case Against Public Education

Public education is a hammer when what you need is a socket set
It never occurred to me that public education was a bad thing. It seems that it has always existed and everyone seemed to agree that ignorance was intolerable and public education fixed that. As time went by I began to see chinks in the amour of public education. I wasn't alone in this. That public education is broken is something that both the left and the right agree on. Even teachers, dedicated...
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