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Libertarians don’t want you in their club

ron paul does not belong in the libertarian party
I've been thinking more and more about the Libertarian Party and the direction I've seen it moving. I don't personally feel that direction is very inclusive. I spend a lot of time of libertarian pages. I get accused of being a troll, of being a satire page, and sometimes just told to f-off. But I assure them, and all of you, my visits to those pages is done in all sincerity. Ron Paul, when I f...
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Libertarians don’t like Ron Paul anymore?

Ron Paul looking serious
Some of you have heard that the Libertarian Party leadership specifically has said that Ron Paul doesn't know "what the LP represents" and that they don't want him speaking at their party convention. I've heard some libertarians defend this action. Others say that it's all just a misunderstanding. I've heard others even blame the particular Facebook page posting the news for spreading false rumors...
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