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Men don’t cry as much because they are men

TV Actor Crying
The author of the linked article went on a quest to find out why he wasn't crying when he was sad. When he was young, he says he cried a lot but as he got older, not so much. He noticed that was true of his other male friends as well. There just wasn't a whole lot of crying going on. Sadness yes, depression yes, anger yes, but not a lot of crying. He began to wonder, "am I broken?" No, you are not...
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Scopes Monkey Trial, Eugenics, and the Mind

We are all strong
Sometimes history becomes mythology. There are those who suspect that even stories like Hercules, and Atlantis have a basis in fact. That there, even for the non-believer, a reason to suspect there was a Noah and at least some version of a flood. What level of truth there is in these stories becomes a matter of faith. The same cultural processes that worked on history thousands of years ago are...
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