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Episode 64 – Cultural Appropriation – So, So, Good!

Actually, Jackass, it is reasonable to believe that people have been sharing their cultures from the very beginning. As long as there have been humans those humans have been sharing ideas. Ogg and the chieftain Kroup’!tun met around a camp fire and told stories, shared food, and exchanged a slightly better way to sharpen a stick. Ogg left with a necklace and a flint.

Though I tell that as a trite little story, such exchanges are the foundation of human civilization. So when I read stupid people, saying stupid things about culture, I conclude that their desire is to destroy that which has been best about humanity, a propensity to share, grow, learn, and make contact, with each other.

I find it ever so hard to explain, in just a few words, what is so horrible about the idea of chastising someone for cultural appropriation. It is a naughty child of Cancel Culture for one thing. But it is worse than its parent. Not only does it require absolute ignorance of history but it promotes segregation, racism, cultural bias, and collectivism. Those who cry “cultural appropriation” are little monsters who want to control people and keep people apart.

What is good and wholesome is to share your culture with others. It’s what humans have always done, and done well, to the betterment of all involved. This is one case – where you are better off – being a caveman.

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