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Police Officers are Human Too

Sgt. Salvatore Weeping
Sometimes people forget that police officers are people with feelings, families, and just pay attention to their faults and failings. When an officer is killed in the line of duty someone just lost a friend, a father, a husband, a brother, a son. They need to be held to a high standard, and they often fail that standard, but that doesn't make them all villains. https://youtu.be/KW9oYSxlR6o
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Trump Signs Terrible Bad Terrible Omnibus Spending Bill

Blither Blither spending bill
As a general rule I dislike listening to politicians drone on about their policies and motivations for them. They always sound empty to me. Today, as Trump explained why he signed the Omnibus Spending Bill he reached new lows of political emptiness. He was unprepared, inarticulate, and contradicted himself. Oh, he gave his reason - military spending. https://youtu.be/1rBoaLCRH1s
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The Cowardly Sheriff & 911

Cops run toward the sound of the guns, not away
When you're a cop and you're afraid, you can't call 911. You ARE 911. If you can't act like it, then it's time to find a new job or a position on your department that keeps you away from danger. https://youtu.be/UI_5sf8k4O0 There's no shame in not being able to do a job that only a few people are really equipped to do. If you don't think you can handle being a cop, then don't be one. But if ...
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Donna Brazile – Ignore Corruption Until it Suits You

Ignore Corruption Until
https://youtu.be/XKQPIPGwWpc Brazile's book seems full of revelations of corruption but this dedication seems perhaps to be the greatest revelation of all. She dedicated the book to Seth Rich and labeled him a "patriot". In case you don't recall he was the staffer who was murdered. It was reported to be a robbery gone wrong but the circumstances were mysterious. It seems Brazile knew something....
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Hidden Camera Films TSA Agent

TSA Protecting your Liberty
https://youtu.be/XrqD_gcv89A Check out this secret footage taken at a TSA checkpoint - somewhere in the United States. Watch as a sinister TSA agents gets, well, shall we say, handsy with a lovely young passenger. Over 400 TSA agents have been fired and/or arrested for stealing from passengers. It's so bad that agents say it is common, and web sites exist with tips and tricks on how to avoid TS...
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Chuck Schumer Talks to the Dead in Gross Political Stunt

Chuck YOU Mr. Schumer
Note from Platypus Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer took to the Senate floor in one of the most smarmy and gross displays of politics I've ever seen. We platypus are generally even-tempered and more thoughtful. So I asked that primitive primate Top Monkey to come down from Indignation's Monkey Bars for a moment and give us his take on it. He's much less reserved than I am. Though I must admit my ta...
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Is there really separation of church and state?

Is there really separation of church and state?
The Supreme Court recently handed down a very important decision on a case out of Missouri. Find out what it was and how it defines the relationship between religion and government in the US in a way you might not have thought could happen. https://youtu.be/gezMa6Iv9MU
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Pro-Life Libertarians Banned Me – Unrighteous Dominion in Action

I'll ban you for a month, how bout dat?
A few days prior to posting this I was banned from the Pro-Life Libertarian Facebook page. Imagine that, little old me! Well the interesting thing isn't that I was banned, that's rather unimportant. Facebook being what it is I can find another page to visit. This video isn't made to bash them or pick on them. It's made because the admin who did the banning exhibited a certain human behavior that's...
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