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Futurism is Meant to be Optimistic 

There are two things I have noticed generally about how people in the past imagined the future. First, it's generally optimistic in terms of the technological side of things. Second, their visions usually exceed the reality. Take the article below from the USSR. These wonderful images are in keeping with the idea of Walt Disney's Tomorrowland. A place that was, and largely still is, abo...
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Researchers Say to Prepare for Global Cooling Because of Global Warming

I quite enjoyed the movie, The Day After Tomorrow in which global warming causes the North Atlantic Ocean currents to stop circulating. In grand Hollywood fashion this causes a stunning array of disasters which ends in a nearly instant ice age. The article that inspired this writing uses the headline that this movie could become reality! For me this seems to highlight two things. The e...
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Study Shows that Females Like Strong Males for Mates

Okay, so the study talked about in the article linked at the bottom was done on mice. Not exactly a human corollary there, but enough to bring a thought or two to mind about men and women. The dirty little secret is that women like strong men. For my entire life I've lived in a PC world of feminism. I've watched how attitudes between men and women have changed over the years and I'm starting to ...
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Saving endangered animals is God’s will?

No, the title "Saving endangered animals is God's will?" isn't a quote from Noah. Prince Harry reportedly has said that saving endangered animals is God's test for humanity. The Religious I think even the religious among us can look at a statement like that and see there are many flaws in it. I've heard it frequently estimated that 99.9% of all species that ever lived are now extinct. And Go...
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Don’t Pretend Neanderthals Didn’t Eat Each Other

Neanderthal Man Etching
I like to point out when news stories or the people quoted in them make claims that actually aren't true. It's a good exercise in being able to spot what is now being called "fake news" but what for the last 30 years at least has just been "news". Fake news comes in several flavors: intentional, biased, and ignorant. This one is ignorant on the part of the author and biased on the part of th...
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Why care what the heck is a species anyway? 

The Alt Fox
I understand that you may not give much thought to what constitutes a species or how something is considered a different species from something else. There has been a long standing definition but recently some people are trying to change that. As you can well imagine their change isn't to further define and narrow the parameters to be more exact but, as always seems to be the case with the changin...
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8-year-old transgender boy barred from Cub Scouts

I bring up the transgender issue a lot. It's not because I am trans-phobic, or a trans-hater. My philosophy of individual freedom means that I recognize another person's rights to direct their own life. The reason I bring it up so often because it seems the most forceful element is the one that isn't satisfied with being able to direct their own life but wants to direct yours as well. Actually, it...
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Love at First Byte. Will they Marry?

Love at first Byte
The story linked to at the bottom is about a woman who built a robot and she wants to get married to that robot. There are several facets related to this story. Setting aside the fact that the robot looks a bit like the woman, we must first (of course) deal with the very obvious acceptance of the "told you so" from all those people who said, "If we allow gay marriage we will have to allow it when ...
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Overpopulation is a Myth

Save the Planet
Overpopulation is a myth. It's one that has been alive and well for over 200 years. What we experience is forced overpopulation better known as overcrowding. In terms of resources and land there is plenty of it. There's a 1000 square feet per person just in Texas if the whole world moved there. That's about 30'x30' each. While that's of course not livable it does give you a good idea of how much l...
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Robot Goes Rogue?

We hear a lot about media bias. This simple story about a robot named Fabo is a good example of how such bias can be subtle. But subtle is often very effective. In this case it's the language used in the headline "Robot Goes Rogue" and in the body of the article, "The aggressor was Fabo". But someone (like me) who actually takes the time to read the article (because I love robots) will find jus...
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Scott Pruitt – Dangerous-Drilling-Denier Put in Charge of the Hen House

Scott Pruitt is a denier
For those who voted for Donald Trump his choice of EPA chief is a sign that his campaign was more than just rhetorical, more than just the typical promise and forget politics we have all gotten used to. For those who voted against Trump his choice of EPA chief is a sign that the dark demons of Tartarus are rising to consume us all. Just what makes Scott Pruitt so horrible? He doesn't bel...
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Gender “Reassignment” Surgery is Amputation of Healthy Organs and Tissue

Cat Woman
The article linked below is about a 17 year old who has been getting hormones and other medical treatment related to gender reassignment. The process has gotten to the point where the amputation of his penis is being planned. All of this has been done without the permission or knowledge of the boy's parents because he lives on his own. The mother, upon finding out about the upcoming surgery is...
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Scientists Write Trump Requesting Respect

re·spect rəˈspekt/ noun  a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements. There have been few headlines that made me chuckle as much as this one. Oh, you poor hand wringing scientists. So worried that your authority won't be respected. It's as if they never got out of high school and are still seeking the validation they neve...
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Man Made Climate Change is Crap – Bird Crap That Is

There's so much they don't take into account with their future telling climate robots. That's what I call the computers that predict the future of our climate. They can't even take into account how bird poop will or will not alter the climate or weather of a certain area. It's unwise to make massive policy changes and give up liberties for something that man isn't causing. The climate always chang...
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Achates’ Opposed Piston Engine: Better than Tesla?

The below quote from this story is a truly beautiful thing. Human beings have harnessed power of an explosion to drive ourselves around the country in comfort. It's insanely cool but we don't take much time to think about it because it's so common place. It's estimated there are over 253 million cars in America. According to IHS Automotive the average age of these vehicles is 11.4 yeas. That's an ...
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