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Daily Wire Writes About Incest While Practicing Its Own Kind of Incest

I must admit I'm getting a little tired of the The Daily Wire and am considering removing it from my news feed. The Daily Wire is one of the most biased news sources out there. So much of what I read there is poorly thought out, often poorly written, and most certainly intellectually vapid. Not all of course, but in ever increasing frequency. That I happen to agree with them on various issues d...
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Is this why drugs should remain illegal?

I've seen people like this woman time and time again. They are why I have always been fine with drugs being illegal. It has only been in the last few years that I have started to see that subject in the light of rights rather than harm to self. As a caring individual I see this and my instinct is to protect her from harm. When we talk about legalization of drugs we have to make sure that stories l...
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Treasury secretary: Pass a tax bill or markets will tank

Income Tax Cartoon from 1799
Since speculative markets grew on the mere promise of tax cuts I do not find it difficult to believe that they would tank on the failure of such to be passed by Congress. I am of the mind that only a fool would want higher taxes. I don't mind paying taxes for the things I use. I appreciate the military to defend the nation. I appreciate that the President needs a staff and as someone who loves to ...
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Trump is dismantling Obama’s legacy and I’m Glad

Good Bye Obama
I see Obama's presidency not only as an abysmal failure, but as something that actually harmed our country. I'm not shy about saying I would be pleased if enough of his "work" was rolled back to make it seem as if he never existed. Trump is slowly, but surely, moving in that direction. "Brick by brick, the demolition job has begun: since taking office less than a year ago, Donald Trump has launch...
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Firefighter fired over racist fruit

Water Mellon
This story is about a probationary firefighter. He has a name, but we'll call him "the white guy". He gets transferred to his station house. It is a tradition among the fire fighters that the new guy brings a gift. So the white guy brings a really big and juicy watermelon with a bow on top. Turns out most (but not all) of the other firemen were black. I'm sure you can see the problem. The Whi...
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Trump signs executive order to bypass Congress and change ObamaCare 

This is fresh, rather breaking news. I haven't been able to process it fully yet. I've seen some jumping for joy, some patting on the back, some Rand Paul is great, and Good Trump headlines from liberty groups. For me, it's too early to congratulate anyone. As I ponder it, I think this is much ado about nothing. Though another article (New York Times) says that supporters of the current law sa...
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Las Vegas Strip Shooter – As a Species We Need Answers

Diagram of Shooting Scene
We are learning more about the murderer in Las Vegas but not much. The Sheriff said in a press conference that he did not believe Paddock acted alone. Though he did not elaborate much other than to say his reasoning was based on the complexity of the crime. That much firepower, the perch, the knocking out of the window, etc. These were things that seemed Herculean and would require assistance to ...
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Anger in France as girl, 11, judged to have ‘consented’ to sex with man – The Local

This fellow in France has sex with an 11-year-old girl. He's arrested. The judge decides that he is not guilty of rape. This has plenty of people really upset. The judge is correct. The reason he's correct has to do with the nature of laws. Laws differ all around the world and in the US from state to state even. For example, the age of consent in France is 13 years old. That's the arbitrary num...
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Two years later, where is the 92-pound Petoskey stone?

Two years later, where is the 92-pound Petoskey stone?
Platypus Club member Scott Erskine shared this one with me. It has several interesting facets to it. First, this is a fossil. It's a fossil of a coral to be specific. Hexagonaria percarinata to be even more specific. This is a large polyp stony coral similar to many that still exist today. Corals are very old and have succeeded through ice ages and heat waves.Though they are much older than reefs ...
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Are you ready for some football? Neither are the players.

One more note on the NFL. Everywhere I go I see comments and articles on the protests and Trump's comments on it. They have a right to protest and he has a right to say it's stupid. What no one has a right to do, of course, is pass a law that forces someone to stand, sing, or show respect. This is true not just of the flag, but of anything or anyone. The market can decide, as I stated in my previo...
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Trump Speech To UN – Socialism is Bad, Dictators are Bad, US is Good, Etc.

Trump giving speech at UN
My short take This speech has gotten usual reactions. The side that supports Trump and his America First agenda think this was a great speech. Some saying the best one he's given. The side that opposes the president or his agenda (some won't even listen to his agenda because it's from him) say it was a terrible speech. Some are saying it was a "war speech" designed with no other reason but find...
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Firemen Save Sausage Fodder from Blaze

Pink Pigs
Humans eat meat. For most they aren't even aware of the fact that this is because evolution has given them a digestive system that manages meat and a metabolism that requires it, nor are they aware of the fact that they are apex predators, arguably the most successful the planet has ever known. No, for most people meat just tastes great. Even we platypus are pleased to scarf up the living things t...
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The key to better policing: less powerful cops

Body Cam Footage
A couple of things. First, I don't believe that the officers in the case were recreating the scene. I honestly don't think that excuse is all that believable. To me that's as believable as a three-year old with chocolate on his face swearing he didn't eat the cake. Secondly, the statement from the chief should have gone without saying. “In light of recent events, you are reminded to activate y...
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Global Warming Faithful Remain Faithful

Bright orange sun
This headline, and the premise it espouses is pretty stunning to me really. We don't know how much the planet is going to warm over the next 100 years, but we still need to do something about that. If we don't know how much it will warm, then how can we possibly plan? First off, I love how they start the article with, "It’s a well-worn fact that our round Earth is warming, and that human carbon...
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Do Sweatshop Protesters Help or Hurt?

I just want to work
A true sweatshop is a bad thing and immoral. There's more to being one than just long hours, hard work, and low pay. Those things are sometimes necessary to make a living, or as much of a living as possible. These protesters are against Nike for running sweatshops. Though they likely  mean well, their actions can have negative consequences for the very people they are trying to help. This i...
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