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Trump and his s**t hole comment

Crap hole
It was reported that, during a meeting, Trump called certain countries S**T Holes. He says that he didn't say that. It wasn't recorded and wasn't on the record as far as we currently know. This is just someone who was in the meeting reporting that this comment was said. Trump wanted to know why we are so intent on importing people from these countries. If he did say that, he might be undiplomatic,...
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The News Business is a Business but it isn’t About the News

Articles like this remind me that there are those in the news business that care about the news business. That have the old romantic notions of what it means to be a journalist. They are few and they aren't perfect examples of that either. There is often to be seen a leftist bias that they aren't perhaps aware is there. In this article they discuss how the New York Times is going to lay off a larg...
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Is it time for a transgender military experiment? 

Ty Wright for BuzzFeed News
When we say man, we mean man, when we say woman, we mean woman. But when we say transgender man, we mean a woman and likewise the other. It's required to speak about it this way because it represents a change from the natural (original if you prefer) state of the being into something else. What motivates this change is psychological. Even if it were discovered that there was a hormonal imbalance a...
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Is Paying to Bus Out the Homeless a Good Use Of Taxes?

Homeless man on bus
I found the entire premise of this article to be very interesting. That they took such care in their research is laudable. There is a great deal of money spent on such programs. Millions and millions each year in taxpayer money. Is this a good use of such money? Who benefits? What do you think, if anything, should be done about the homeless when it comes to government? This is how it begins...
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The Agreed Upon Tax Bill is Here

Capital Building
"Tax cut bill goes public as GOP slashes rates for the wealthy, nixes Obamacare penalty, expands child tax credits, dramatically lowers corporate taxes and opens up new Alaska oil drilling" I get the gut feeling that the above headline was meant to make the tax bill sound like a bad thing, a terrible thing. But to me it makes it sound just about right. I would like to see property tax and inco...
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Terrorism, Immigration, Walls, Oh My!

That terrorist guy
Immigration, terrorism, walls, oh my! No one seems to want to talk frankly about these issues. They get tied up in politics, culture, and bias. If we listen though, there are some really good arguments to be had. Arguments that should inform policy but probably won't. It's not an either/or game. You can remain intellectually honest and be for a wall, for immigration reform, and not against immigra...
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Do we need protection from Algorithms?

This is an interesting think piece. It's about what should or should not be done about "algorithmic harms" an interesting term I've not heard before so perhaps the author of this article has coined it. He writes, "Let’s compare two types of algorithmic harms. In the first case, a bank uses an algorithm designed to deny all loan applications from black women. Here, there’s an existing law being ...
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Trump Officials Say Warrantless Surveillance Program Will Continue Whether Congress Approves It This Year or Not

No no no no no no no! I can't comprehend why this isn't an issue Congress can't get together on. For me, this is one of those things I cannot understand why anyone would support it. I get the reasons they give "catch bad guys and catch terrorists". Yes, you can do that. But the cost is too high. When I weigh out catching bad guys against the value of civil liberties and rights I can honestly sa...
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Trump fumes after San Francisco jury acquits illegal immigrant charged in Kate Steinle killing

My news feed is awash for days with articles about this case and how angry everyone is at the verdict. Some pundits are saying it represents San Francisco - a sanctuary city - giving the finger to Trump and his wall, other the finger to the entire country! It's a sign of how all illegals are evil! The jury is clearly biased and let a killer go free! The fact that he is here illegally doesn't me...
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Mick Mulvaney Just Savaged The CFPB In His First Press Conference As Director

This is a great story, one of my favorites. The CFPB is an organization created by Elizabeth Warren of Fauxcahontis fame. It's created to be funded by - the Federal Reserve - and not the government. It was set up so that it was rather autonomous. In fact, so much so that they had no congressional oversight. The new director (we'll get to that in a moment) said, "I’m just learning about the powers ...
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Bass: ‘Stop & Go’ Bill Is Not Just About Removing Plexiglass

Thanks to Platypus Club member Brian Geoffroy for sharing this story with me. It falls under the category of things that government has no business what-so-ever doing. The short of it is this, Councilwoman Cindy Bass (Trump would make up a name here for her) has proposed a bill that would specially regulate "stop and go" markets. The reason she gives is this: “They say that they fit the require...
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Milo, Shapiro, and Trump are Trolls that Play to the Mob Mentality

I've brought up Milo Yiannopoulos a few times. I reviewed his book. I can't call myself a "fan" but then I don't really say that about anyone. But what I do say is that I get Milo. Meaning I understand what he's up to. That doesn't mean I'm all that clever, it just means I listen. Milo, you see, is quite upfront about what he's up to. If he's taken at face value, he's a troll. He's even named his ...
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Conservation vs. Environmentalism

Woman hugging a tree
I am not an environmentalist. I am a conservationist. There is a difference. That difference really is summed up by the focus of the efforts. A conservationist wants to conserve nature for the benefit of man while an environmentalist has as focus nature itself. I often say the latter is a religion with mother nature as a god. Conservation, on the other hand, is anthropological. Often, in conser...
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Daily Wire Writes About Incest While Practicing Its Own Kind of Incest

I must admit I'm getting a little tired of the The Daily Wire and am considering removing it from my news feed. The Daily Wire is one of the most biased news sources out there. So much of what I read there is poorly thought out, often poorly written, and most certainly intellectually vapid. Not all of course, but in ever increasing frequency. That I happen to agree with them on various issues d...
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Is this why drugs should remain illegal?

I've seen people like this woman time and time again. They are why I have always been fine with drugs being illegal. It has only been in the last few years that I have started to see that subject in the light of rights rather than harm to self. As a caring individual I see this and my instinct is to protect her from harm. When we talk about legalization of drugs we have to make sure that stories l...
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