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Scott Pruitt – Dangerous-Drilling-Denier Put in Charge of the Hen House

Scott Pruitt is a denier
For those who voted for Donald Trump his choice of EPA chief is a sign that his campaign was more than just rhetorical, more than just the typical promise and forget politics we have all gotten used to. For those who voted against Trump his choice of EPA chief is a sign that the dark demons of Tartarus are rising to consume us all. Just what makes Scott Pruitt so horrible? He doesn't bel...
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What Happens When a Business Doesn’t Pay Minimum Wage?

We can't survive on low wages
I must admit I have never really thought about the question "What happens when a business doesn't pay the minimum wage?" I guess I just always assumed that if they couldn't pay they went out of business. The below video made me realize there is another option, ignoring the law. Of course there are consequences for that. What if the employee is just fine with that and makes a deal with the shop...
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Apocalyptic Income Inequality & The Hateful Jealousy of the Left

What is it about income inequality that can be called "apocalyptic"? That's an extreme word. Surely a person would only use such a word to describe something horrifying and deadly! Consider for a moment if income inequality was actually a good thing. Let that sink in. How could that be? What about those horrific 1% oppressing all the rest of us? Maybe it's not something to fear but rather somethin...
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The Broken Record of “Taxation is Theft” and the Logical Fallacy

Taxation is theft is an absolute and therefore prone to error
Libertarians love to make the flat statement "taxation is theft". If you spend any amount of time among them you recognize it for the propaganda and attempt at brainwashing that it is. Of course they don't see it that way. Taxation is certainly a strong issue with me as well and I certainly find common ground with Libertarians on the current state of US taxation...it's bad...very very bad. But my ...
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$15 an Hour you Say? How About We Just Replace You With a Machine?

McDonald's Kiosk
Basically the job people are asking $15 an hour to do (more than a bank teller) is so easy to do that people can just do it themselves. That's a little kid in the photo. He's doing your job for free, he's 10. The minimum wage is a bad thing that harms workers. While that may sound counterintuitve to some it doens't take much of a business understanding to eventually understand why. I always tell p...
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Magnet Ban Doesn’t Stick!

magnet sculpture
While you may not care much about magnets this court decision is a win for everyone. The short of it is this: these really strong magnets are fun to play with and provide hours of entertainment for the bored. Some kids swallowed them and because they are so strong if they swallowed more than one they would actually stick to each other inside the intestines and require surgery to remove. Because of...
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