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Stone, Robots, Bronze

Man on a Wagon
I know that it's tough to end up unemployed because the boss installed a machine at the toothpaste factory to do your job of screwing the lids on. It has to be tough and a surprise. And I suppose it's no consolation to the people who find themselves in that position that it has been going on since the dawn of man. We can trace many jobs that have been lost to mechanization. People used to need ...
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The Agreed Upon Tax Bill is Here

Capital Building
"Tax cut bill goes public as GOP slashes rates for the wealthy, nixes Obamacare penalty, expands child tax credits, dramatically lowers corporate taxes and opens up new Alaska oil drilling" I get the gut feeling that the above headline was meant to make the tax bill sound like a bad thing, a terrible thing. But to me it makes it sound just about right. I would like to see property tax and inco...
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Terrorism, Immigration, Walls, Oh My!

That terrorist guy
Immigration, terrorism, walls, oh my! No one seems to want to talk frankly about these issues. They get tied up in politics, culture, and bias. If we listen though, there are some really good arguments to be had. Arguments that should inform policy but probably won't. It's not an either/or game. You can remain intellectually honest and be for a wall, for immigration reform, and not against immigra...
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Do we need protection from Algorithms?

This is an interesting think piece. It's about what should or should not be done about "algorithmic harms" an interesting term I've not heard before so perhaps the author of this article has coined it. He writes, "Let’s compare two types of algorithmic harms. In the first case, a bank uses an algorithm designed to deny all loan applications from black women. Here, there’s an existing law being ...
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Black Lives Matter | Make this Christmas a Black Xmas

black woman in BLM tshirt
Have any of you ever doubted for one moment that black lives do matter? Did you have to be told? There are those who wonder why people are offended at the name "Black Lives Matter". Well, it's because it's insulting and racist. It insults the integrity of people and singles out one race. That it is racist is made clear by the efforts of the group. Take this latest, a "Black Xmas". The idea ...
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Is your Culture Worth Defending?

Lip Plate
I wrote earlier in "Racism is a Quest for the Unearned" how racism is simply a form of collectivism; perhaps, as Ayn Rand says, the lowest, most brute form of it. Racism seeks to kill off the individual by lumping him into a group based simply on a few superficial biological characteristics like skin, eyes, and hair. Racism is never worth defending. Culture is one of the most difficult subjects...
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The Racist Right Looks Left

Richard Spencer
I don't talk about the Alt-Right very often. There are a few reasons for this. First off, they just make me very uncomfortable and angry. When I read the things they say and write it wells up within me a certain emotion I am most uncomfortable with. It's that emotion called frustration. I have often said frustration is the most powerful of all human emotions. Frustrated people are by far the most ...
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Male, female, that’s not how that works

Body Language
I don't often listen to Crowder, mostly because he is often obnoxious. This video, worth watching, is an excellent example of how effective he can be when he settles down. This is also an excellent example of how we should operate when communicating. Sit down, have a brandy and a cigar, and discuss what's on your mind. This particular conversation is about gender fluidity and the infinite number o...
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Trump Officials Say Warrantless Surveillance Program Will Continue Whether Congress Approves It This Year or Not

No no no no no no no! I can't comprehend why this isn't an issue Congress can't get together on. For me, this is one of those things I cannot understand why anyone would support it. I get the reasons they give "catch bad guys and catch terrorists". Yes, you can do that. But the cost is too high. When I weigh out catching bad guys against the value of civil liberties and rights I can honestly sa...
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Trump fumes after San Francisco jury acquits illegal immigrant charged in Kate Steinle killing

My news feed is awash for days with articles about this case and how angry everyone is at the verdict. Some pundits are saying it represents San Francisco - a sanctuary city - giving the finger to Trump and his wall, other the finger to the entire country! It's a sign of how all illegals are evil! The jury is clearly biased and let a killer go free! The fact that he is here illegally doesn't me...
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Mick Mulvaney Just Savaged The CFPB In His First Press Conference As Director

This is a great story, one of my favorites. The CFPB is an organization created by Elizabeth Warren of Fauxcahontis fame. It's created to be funded by - the Federal Reserve - and not the government. It was set up so that it was rather autonomous. In fact, so much so that they had no congressional oversight. The new director (we'll get to that in a moment) said, "I’m just learning about the powers ...
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Bass: ‘Stop & Go’ Bill Is Not Just About Removing Plexiglass

Thanks to Platypus Club member Brian Geoffroy for sharing this story with me. It falls under the category of things that government has no business what-so-ever doing. The short of it is this, Councilwoman Cindy Bass (Trump would make up a name here for her) has proposed a bill that would specially regulate "stop and go" markets. The reason she gives is this: “They say that they fit the require...
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We Need More Guns

Just the fact that they call it "gun culture" means they still don't understand the 2nd amendment. I'm not saying there isn't a sub-culture where guns are a vital part. There is, but it's not at all like leftists think it is. It's simply those people for whom guns are also a hobby. They follow guns the way some people follow football. They collect them, appreciate the workmanship, know all the bra...
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A Few Words on the Current Tax Bill

Tax Reform Cartoon
Just a note on the current tax bill weaving its way through Congress. It doesn't actually cut taxes. All it does is shuffle the money around so some people pay less. They call that a tax cut. A tax cut is when the government itself receives less money from the people. In this bill they end up getting the same amount by taking more from some people and less from others. Though that is great for t...
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The Dinosaur Heresies by Robert T. Bakker Ph.D.

The Dinosaur Heresies by Robert T. Bakker Ph.D.
Having studied dinosaurs since I was a child there were things about what I was taught that didn't seem to really work for me. The idea of them as cold-blooded for example. When I ran across this book by Robert Bakker it was a revelation to me and caused me to see these animals in a whole new way. More and more these views, once (as the title suggests) considered heretical are now the prevailin...
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