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Do Sweatshop Protesters Help or Hurt?

I just want to work
A true sweatshop is a bad thing and immoral. There's more to being one than just long hours, hard work, and low pay. Those things are sometimes necessary to make a living, or as much of a living as possible. These protesters are against Nike for running sweatshops. Though they likely  mean well, their actions can have negative consequences for the very people they are trying to help. This i...
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The “M” word and why I use it

There's something that has always confused me a bit and that's the insistence on the part of people with the various forms of dwarfism at being called "little people". The article below states, "The word 'midget' has been sometimes used to refer to people of short stature, but is now considered to be a slur by the majority of the members of our community." While it might be considered a slur by th...
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Racism and the Tower of Babel

I recently posted a link on Facebook to an article explaining how there are over 7,000 languages spoken on earth. This brought up the bible story of the Tower of Babel in the comments. I got to thinking about that story and thought I would share a couple of thoughts on it. It's a very interesting story in that God's reasoning is clearly stated. Basically, he wanted us not to get along with each...
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Net Neutrality: For and Against

Don't Unplug Me! Net Neutrality
The Against Side Net Neutrality can, at times, sound like a good thing. It's pitched as keeping the Internet fair, even, free (as in unrestrained) so that the big boys can't come in and push aside the little guys. The reason this has gained more traction among users is the fact that the Internet is no longer a novelty. Though I admit I have no official statistics for this I will wager that the ma...
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Liberty is NOT Middle of the Road

Middle Ground
I agree with the sentiment of the below commentary that there is a better way, a center way, between Trump and Hillary. That way has been ignored over and over again. The last presidential election gave us a clear understanding, in my opinion, that no one (meaning not nearly enough) wanted that better way. There were a few candidates out of the over 30 that ran on both sides that were far more mid...
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On the path to war: Why North Korea Matters

Hey Sexy Missile
I don't mean to harp on North Korea (yes I do) and perhaps many of you probably aren't sure why I make a big deal of this. In one of his occasionally brilliant moments Piers Morgan, whom I tolerate because he's British (who doesn't like a Brit), hits the nail on the head. Right in the opening lines of this piece he writes, "Kim Jong-Un is a repulsive excuse for a human being; a megalomaniac tyr...
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Dangerous By Milo Yiannopoulos

Dangerous cover art
Milo Yiannopoulos is a perfect example of how people of disparate backgrounds and temperaments can come together over a common cause. I don't remember the exact moment I first heard of him. I just remember that what caught my attention was the fact that he labeled himself a "Dangerous Faggot". That alone was enough to give him at least a moment's listen. As he spoke it was clear to me that he real...
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Labels are Important

Why labels matter
You grab the can of beans from the shelf ready to make a spicy bean burrito. You have the tortilla on the burner getting warm, the salsa and cheese standing by. The can spins round and round as the tiny little blade severs the lid so you can get to the contents. CORN! you find corn in the can, but the label indicated "beans"! Frustrated you try again, still corn. Did the whole world go mad? Wor...
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There is Nothing More Childish than Socialism

Socialism is childish not kind
The below article laments that in many ways the children have become the authority figures and the adults have become the children. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR a clear marker of cultural decline, something that represents an inescapable cul-de-sac in the American ideal of forward progress, just ponder the all-too-familiar image of the kindergarten-aged child whose parents have outfitted him (it’s usua...
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Is there really separation of church and state?

Is there really separation of church and state?
The Supreme Court recently handed down a very important decision on a case out of Missouri. Find out what it was and how it defines the relationship between religion and government in the US in a way you might not have thought could happen. https://youtu.be/gezMa6Iv9MU
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